Botox is a toxin of a certain bacterium found in the ready-to-use vial. When injected into the patient, it affects the nerve and muscle system, temporarily stopping muscle contraction function. This makes it usable in many diseases in the medical field. In dentistry, its area of application has emerged in the field of oral, dental and jaw surgery, especially in patients who excessively grind their teeth. Bruxism, teeth grinding, is seen in many people. Permanent damage occurs in the jaw joint and teeth. We perform chewing function with the masseter muscle, which is a strong jaw muscle. In patients who grind their teeth at night, this muscle works excessively. Pain in the jaw, head and neck, and growth in this muscle are inevitable. Botox for the jaw is used to stop this muscle that is working more than normal. It is given into the muscle with very fine injectors to stop teeth grinding and bruxism problems. It shows its effect within 10 days. Muscle shrinkage begins and there is no strong grinding, but the chewing function is not restricted while eating. Head, neck, jaw joint and even tooth pain begins to decrease. If done regularly every 6 months, the pain almost completely goes away.