You have heard of something called teeth scaling, and you know that there are stains on your teeth too. You are turning the topic of whether you should clean your teeth around in your head. When you ask someone you know, love or trust their opinion, you get one of the following answers.

  • Oh no, don’t clean your teeth, they’ll get sensitive, hot and cold will ruin your life.
  • Once you clean your teeth, you’ll have to clean them all the time.
  • Never clean your teeth, they bleed even when you brush, then the blood takes over your body.
  • Don’t ever clean your teeth, they’ll wear out your enamel.
  • Be careful, if you clean your teeth, they’ll rot.

Now, what’s really bothering you. You thought, let me check the internet. If the process is how you understood it, and your question is “Is cleaning teeth harmful?” then you’re reading the right thing.

First, forget the dentist, forget your teeth. Let’s start with a simple problem in our daily life. Toilets! Yes, yes you understood correctly. Let’s start with a brand-new public toilet. A lot of people go in and out, shiny, and new. Toilet paper, hand sanitizers, hygiene blocks in tanks, soap, everything is perfect. But there’s a problem, there’s no cleaning staff. But let’s imagine that everyone will follow hygiene rules and soap will never run out. 6 months later, can you still enter this toilet with peace of mind? Wouldn’t you think, if someone comes and cleans it, disinfects it, unclogs the sink, cleans the wall corners and door handles, etc.?

Tooth stone cleaning is exactly this! It’s the spring cleaning that’s added to your daily cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste. The bottom, the hidden corners, the dirt that you can’t reach with your brush, which has settled, and even stuck, is cleaned by a professional. It’s ideal to do it twice a year, like spring cleaning. Because if the stones are not cleaned, they will harm you. They are like splinters that stick in your finger and grow and grow until they try to find a place for themselves by pushing your gums. The longer you wait, the more your gum stones will push your gums until finally your gums will recede. And unfortunately, just like when you bite your nails and the tissue recedes, there is no turning back from gum recession. At this point, there will be sensitivity in your teeth because your gums, which cover the surface of your teeth, are not cleaned. This sensitivity decreases over time as your teeth repair themselves if the recession is not too severe.

Once your teeth are cleaned, you will be able to see the difference between clean and dirty. With this in mind, your stained teeth will bother you and you will feel the need to clean them again as your awareness increases.

If there is bleeding in your gums, it will heal quickly as the stones that are sunken like splinters inside your teeth come out, and if you pay attention to your oral hygiene, the bleeding will completely disappear.

A professional tooth stone cleaning will not scratch or damage your teeth. On the contrary, it has a massage effect on your gums and increases blood circulation.

When your teeth are cleaned, your dentist will see the entire surface of your teeth, and if there is a cavity in an easily accessible area or in between, your dentist will easily be aware of it. In other words, when teeth are cleaned, new cavities do not appear and instead, problematic situations that you would only discover when it hurts can be detected early and treated.

In short, the mythical fears about tooth stone cleaning are a big health gap between you and your teeth…